"As my kinders my eendag vra wat ek tussen twintig en dertig gedoen het, sal ek sê – Ons het gekook." - jvdh

Ek is  nooit presies seker wat ander mense met hul vrye tyd en disposable  income doen nie – ek stel myself naweke voor vol ontmoetings met  opwindende vreemdelinge, partytjies in ou parke en hoë hakke,  onophoudelike pret.  Hier is dinge meer eenvoudig, draai die  wêreld om een as.  ‘n Bak granate op ‘n eetkamertafel.  ‘n Toebroodjie  in die Amsterdamse Jordaan, met bokmelkkaas, heuning en dennepitjies.   Porchetta. 

Ons  staan Saterdae 05h00 op om betyds by die Boeremark die beste  skaapribbetjie en Franse pont l’eveque te vind, spandeer oggende in  klein Chinese supermarkies tussen peking eende en bosse bok choi,  rooster kastaiings en bak pavlovas. 

In  ‘n wêreld waar ons beheer het oor so min is kos ‘n konstante sekerheid –  geen gekoopte sjokolademousse kan ooit by die tuisgemaakte  drie-uur-voor-die-stoof weergawe kers vashou nie, en solank daar genoeg  botter en kaas in ‘n dis is sal jou gaste dit altyd verorber.
Ons voer, en word gevoer. 

Arcadia and Jvdh met at a birthday  party in 2007. To the chagrin of the other guests they spent the rest of  the evening talking exclusively to one another.

True to their irritatingly responsible natures they did not become  lovers, but friends. A year of early morning Boeremark expeditions and  endless arguments about postmodernism ensued.  During this time they  started Voer, and eventually stopped being in denial, and started making  out in the kitchen.

Since the end of 2008 they have been living on two continents, while both complete their postgrad studies. They're working hard on being re-united in the future.  Until then this is their shared dinner table.

Our approach to food remains simple. Arcadia cooks from her little  1950's kitchen, with crockery stacked on open shelves for easy access,  one slender cabinet of larder staples. Jvh shares a kitchen with four  others, but has the joy of a vegetable patch and a herb garden, a stash  of alcohol in his wardrobe, and various spices, flours and bottles of  marinated olives stacked on his book shelf.

We mostly eschew fancy gadgets. We do not own blow torches or cherry  pitters, although Arcadia does own a jaffel pan, and is eying an  ice-cream maker. We're not cooking because it's suddenly become trendy.  This is what we do.

We are frugal by nature. We are also both postgrad students with  limited budgets, and both of these factors have moulded our philosophy  of good food. It includes the practical measures of buying good quality  meat, diary and fresh produce from small, local farmers, greengrocers  and butchers as much as possible, and being willing to shop in the  dodgier ends of town, where the quality is still good but you don't have  to pay for fancy trimmings and in vogue status, because there no one  cares. We also try to make a lot of things ourselves – bread, cakes and  charcuterie is a part of our life in a much larger way that it would  have been if we had to buy everything we consume.

Arcadia is 'n 25-jarige skrywer en filmmaker wat woon in Arkadia, Pretoria. Sy het 'n besondere affiniteit vir peking duck, rugelach en haar ouma se vleispasteitjies.
Jvdh is 'n 28-jarige ingenieur wat tans woon in Engeland. Hy raak opgewonde oor gluten strands, kompleksiteitsteorie en obsene hoeveelhede suurlemoen.