Mar 22, 2012


Pour yourself a glass of cold fino.  Have a sip, let the dry saltiness tease your tongue.

Dinner for two for €3 (including drinks), prepared in 10 minutes.  Fry a finely chopped onion until clear. Increase the heat, then add the almejas - otherwise known as clams, witmossels or palourdes -  in a hot pan with two cloves of finely sliced garlic.  Cover, apply more heat, shaking the pan occasionally to mix them around. 

Have some more of the sherry.  I should drink this more often.

Within a few minutes the shells will start popping open, releasing their juice.  Add a handful of miscellaneous herbs and the zest of half a lemon.  Cover again, for maybe a minute at the most. Shake again. Kill the flame, add the pasta, the juice of one lemon and a generous dash of olive oil. Stir. 

Take another sip, then serve.

Last night I once again realized how much I enjoy cooking things.  And eating them.  And sherry.


Marie said...

I will buy some sherry tomorrow.

jvdh said...

Sherry :-)