Nov 12, 2011


From Battersea power station I cross the Thames into Chelsea, where I soon realise I've left most budget eating options behind.  Until I saw the ideal spot, promising natural juice, tea and coffee, where I walk in, glance at the menu and order chilli con carne and tea.  It is the type of establishment where you should have chilli.  With tea.

I had accidentally stumbled onto the gathering spot of taxi drivers.  They come here to eat and to have chat, before they head out again.  There was one at every table, about eight in all.  Many empty chairs, yet the room feels full.  Some were reading, The Sun or the Evening Standard I think.  And everyone was involved in one communal conversation while they eat there chicken and drink milky cups of tea.  Talk about the races, the football, the coming weekend. 

Against the wall was a small handwritten notice:

To the cab driver of TX4 LL60 KPO.

THANK YOU for nicking the job of T3 whom I sent to the Rank.  It is so NICE to KNOW PEOPLE like you are around.  If you would like to put this right give the job up. 


Go there if you're in the area.