Oct 10, 2011


Interaction between my bicycle, a dog and omnipresent gravity unexpectedly left me with one arm resting peacefully in a sling.   It wasn't serious, just a week or three.   To see serious you should spend a day in the waiting area of the orthopaedic wing.  As a result my typing was slightly impaired, and the kitchen temporarily became a much more challenging space.  But instead of following Mrs. Beeton's suggestions beef tea and barley water for invalids, I needed something that would confirm my health.  A September damson cake

E provided extra hands and served as careful measurer, recipe follower, oven opener and general able-bodied person.  I read instructions and handled the fruit, one at a time.  A batter of spelt flour, eggs, butter and sugar, then about the same amount of damsons on top.  During baking they sink through the batter, staining crimson on their way down.

The cake was moist and gently sweet --- just enough to balance the tartness of the little fruit.



arcadia said...

Dit is beautiful.

Marie said...

welkom terug :-)

jvdh said...

M - Dis nog 'n versigtige terugwees die. Daar is gelukkig meer woorde. Kom ons kyk wat gebeur.