Apr 17, 2011


Spring is here, there is no doubt about that.  The garden has been cleared, then replanted with seeds, seedlings, and their older bothers and sisters.  We will have many tomatoes when summer comes.  And peas and beans.  And courgettes.  And more.  Right now however, there is not much.  A few undiscovered parsnips recently appeared, and a handful of leaks still battle the slugs.  The lawn has come back to life, and the tulips are just slipping into bloom.  The herbs are very much alive too, but still too frail for regular grazing.  My joy comes from the sprouting broccoli, now quite mature and tall at the back of the garden.  Purple florets on elegant stalks, if I harvest frequently enough they will not burst into flower. 

Tonight, for pasta, I pick a handful, simmer them slightly, then crumble over a some creamy Stilton.