Feb 21, 2011

the drying

After four days the cheeks moved from the fridge to my room. Long debate and extensive research identified a spot above my desk as ideal. On the clothes line, open, airy, and I can control the temperature.

So I turned down the radiator, tied up the meat, and waited.  So did my laundry, slightly to one side.

And on the fifth day, and I had guanciale.

Lots of guanciale.  And it was good.


Marie said...


The captcha word is mifir. And mifir is how I feel right now. Totally mifir. I wish to be close to your cheeks :-)

arcadia said...


arcadia said...

Ek is steeds jaloers hierop.

jvdh said...

As mens dit self maak, raak die jaloesie minder, vind ek.