Feb 23, 2011


This post is another opportunity for gratuitous close-up pictures of cured pork.  By now you should have made your peace with it.  I have.


The first official application of my guanciale was in a carbonara.  The second and third official uses were too, so that should tell you something.  (The unofficial incidents involved a few uncooked slivers, which brought back too many memories of Spain.)  But back to the pasta.   Paper-thin slivers of guanciale are briefly exposed to a not very warm pan to render and crisp.  Cooked spaghetti alla chitarra (square ones: I'm being extravagant!) joins the bits, to meet and make friends with the fat and flavour.  Remove the pan from heat, stir/flick/miracle in the egg and Parmesan mixture to coagulate into a soft cream.

The flavour is sweet, unlike any bacon-thing I've had before.  More meaty, more creamy.   Much better too.  Much, much better.