Jan 19, 2011


We are normally quite shy.  I don't have a name, Arcadia is a number of places, the mythological one being most famous.   She only recently developed a face, while I mostly live in the shadows.

But things are changing.  First there was the interview with Jeanne, which has led to a steady increase in visitors since.  Then Marie sent her loyal fans our way.   Most recently, we were featured in the South African Times, an expat magazine for South Africans and friends living the UK.  The paper edition is available in London, but for those of us somewhere else, and online version is available too.

This time with faces, names, and a bit more history.   And if you're wondering, we are sitting in Li-Bel, in Sunnyside, Pretoria.  The light was good. 

Thanks for the publicity, Heather!


m-l said...


the sourcerer said...

amazing hoe die dinge groei.
here's to many more lunches under trees!
ek sien nou net: my word verification woord vandag is "polisie". ha ha

Marie said...

Nice picture!