Nov 30, 2010

Signs of life and snow

The snow arrived today.  First downy fluff, later like tiny balls of sleet.  It is still not enough to cover the ground, but plenty of reason to stay inside, even if it means skipping a discussion group that might otherwise have been quite attractive.  And my writing is easier than it's been for months, so I suddenly find myself posting again.

To address the chronic shortage in the bread bin I assemble a soda bread.  Vaguely following the River Cottage recipe: plain flour, half a cup of buckwheat, and the last bit of something malted and seedy.  Buttermilk, or in my case milk with lemon, left to stand for a bit.  Baking soda, salt.  The scent of wet flour is deeply comforting.  Mix, shape, slash deeply.

Then the oven, until the loaf opens, like a flower.  The first chunk went down with butter, the next had a bit of cheese too.  Later with soup, tomorrow toasted.
It is dark now.  And still more snow.


Marie said...

Dis mooi. So jealous of your snow.

arcadia said...

Jou brood lyk pragtig. En ek is so opgewonde jy post :-)

Adele said...

Ek kan nie besluit wat klink beter nie: sneeu of die geur van varsgebakte brood. Lucky jy.

jvdh said...

Well, we've spent 4 days hovering around freezing, so some snow helps to lift the mood. Daar is nou al 'n paar wit kolle in die tuin, die Met Office belowe nog vannag.

Chris said...

This looks marvellous. My boyfriend was dropping hints the other day that I should make him some soda bread, so I'm glad that I now have a recipe.