Oct 24, 2010


June.  Having A around makes me more inclined towards cake.  Creating, as well as consuming.  Two almost simultaneous birthdays therefore served as a suitable excuse to do something our of the ordinary.  Lego.  They both appreciate Lego.  I was inspired by the accuracy of this, and thought that our combined forces could deliver something suitably spectacular.  A as cake expert, I as the one with the ruler.   And a vague image in my head.  And a severe shortage of knowledge when it comes to the structural properties of cake.

On day one (yes, this was an 36 hour session), we experimented.  A produced a basic cake, we mixed up batches of icing sugar, checking sheen, consistency, finish, colour.  Multiple layers, spread and painted over another.  Different applicators, different application techniques. It really helps having someone who has dealt in cake before around.  Many failures, sticky fingers, more food colouring.   Cake decoration is not for the faint of heart.  We eventually settled on an apricot jam crumb layer, with a lemon juice-water icing on top.  Some have had great success with plastic icing, but that was going just too far.  I believe our finish could have been better, but wine on a Friday night can weaken my resolve. 

The next day, A baked two more cakes while I measured and planned.  Dimensions for lego blocks are easy to find - the internet was practically built on lego.  Measurements were mapped to cake space, to form five large bricks, about eight by twelve centimetres each.

Then careful cutting: you need clean edges to make good bricks.

The knobs we made from the offcuts, stamped out with a small glass.

Jam, followed by the icing.  I never knew there is so much colour in food colouring.  The knobs were painted individually, then carefully positioned on the bricks. Note the blank spaces left for stacking - these round bits are a lot of hassle, really.

Then we walked to the party, across the Common, smiling at the easily distracted people along the way.  Those under ten stare openly, the others just sneak jealous glances.  Six gigantic bricks on a tray.  The final assembly happened on site - if you have Lego, you've got to build something with it.  One almost-oops involving gravity, but more icing* repaired it. 

Birthday candles too.

*I've never dealt with so much sugar in my life.


arcadia said...

Aaarggghhh, ek love hierdie post! "The internet was practically built on lego". Dit is net briljant.

Marie said...

Grote Griet.

Marisa said...

Awesome koek!!!

Jeanne said...

Amazing!! My nephew would be ecstatic :)

Unknown said...

Fucking hell! Julle is awesome. Ek is so jaloers. En moet so eintlik nou hard aan die werk wees, maar ek kom net nie van hierdie blog af nie.