May 28, 2010

A happy day

I am baking to add cake to an already happy day. 

Friday is developing an unprecedented level of subterfuge and surprise, with rental cars and unexpected trips to airports and white flowers.  It will be a happy day.  And it might even involve cake.

My relationship with cake is tumultuous at best, but special circumstances sees my trying again.  Nigel Slater's gentle words and promises of dark delights led me to his chocolate espresso cake.  It seemed simple, as it always does.  Ingredients, mix, bake. 


Chocolate, 180g, dark of course.  Slowly melt, then add a cup of thick espresso, followed shortly by 140g butter.  While this is happening, beat 5 egg whites in a separate bowl.  If you don't have an electric whisk, and you're lazy, and it's late, whisk by hand until stiff.  Do not use an electric drill with a fork precariously fixed in the chuck.  It is dangerous.  But it works quite well.

At this point mix a liberal tablespoon of cocoa with 3/4 cup flour and if you're following the recipe carefully, a teaspoon baking powder.

Carefully mix 200g castor sugar into the egg whites, while adding the 5 beaten yolks to the chocolate.  This mixture is next to join the egg and sugar.  Pour into a greased cake tin. 

Say something like "Oops!  Baking powder".  But don't say oops, use an obscenity that comes naturally.  Alternatively say "Oops! Flour." Or just say both.  Carefully transfer the mixture from the pan back to the mixing bowl, sift in the flour and cocoa (and possibly the baking powder), noting how dramatically the mixture is deflating. Return to tin, and bake for 35 min.  Those recipes claiming 45min are lying.

Apparently this will give a cake with moist, almost sticky interior.  It should sink in slightly.  I really hope it will.

It is filling the house with the scent of chocolate now.


Marie said...

Ek vrek met nuuskierigheid.

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