Apr 5, 2010


This week has seen a lot of pasta.  Speed, weather and separation all played a role.  And through it all a search for simplicity, fewer ingredients, clear flavours.  Sometimes with success.  Recipes become superfluous, merely listing ingredients should allow recreation.  I'm intrigued by the variety and comfort a humble bowl can provide.

First was sprouting broccoli, briefly steamed, then mixed with a few cubes of Stilton and a dash of cream to coat in smooth goo.  Pepper.

Tonight was started out as Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino, but I could not maintain the purity of the dish.  I started with half a bulb of green garlic, chopped finely and gently simmered in olive oil.

My chillies turned out to have the feeble, submissive nature that was quite unsuited to my needs.  So I added chopped spring onions too, just the green.  Some parsley too.  Salt is (of course) vital.  And a thin scraping of Parmesan when everything was assembled in the bowl.

A faint memory of garlic still lingers on my hands.


Marie said...

Ok. I was all set for cold roast lamb and potatoes with fennel for supper.

No longer.

You have the restrained touch of a pasta ahtist.

Robyn MacLarty said...

Who wants 'submissive' chilli? I am a pasta addict and these dishes have provided me with new inspiration — thanks!

jvdh said...

M - My lamb was the night before :-) I find restraint really hard. But still a good experience.

R - Chilli may only be submissive in flavour if the size and shape make up for it in vulgarity. I used to be a great fan of pasta, but then I slowly found myself in a very predictable cycle of ingredients. It was only very recently that I remembered the joy that comes with the scent of olive oil on hot pasta.