Nov 12, 2009

Pink feta

Sometimes a recipe follows you around for ages, lurking at the back of you mind, taunting you when you open the empty fridge but hiding again when you stand at the greengrocer. This was one of them.

Start with beetroot, baked in the oven until just tender. This time I wrapped them individually in foil, but I suspect just covering the whole baking tray might be better. Because you want the heat, but without losing moisture. I check tenderness with a fork. For old times' sake.

Peel, then slice the beetroot, and sprinkled with salt and a few drops of balsamic. Feel how warm it still is, how its juice seeps into your skin. Taste a sliver - it should be earthy and slightly sweet. Then stop, and focus on the meal again. We also need chunks of feta, and enough chopped mint. Don't be shy.

And pasta! Remember to add pasta.


Robyn MacLarty said...

I have the same problem with certain recipes - cheeky buggers!

Love the pasta.

jvdh said...

In this case it took me about three weeks to get everything I needed in the kitchen at the same time - and this is a simple recipe! Feta doesn't last long in my house though. Some say shopping lists might help?