Oct 15, 2009

fish and chips (almost)

Two days of rain called for something rich. Marie's sage and pancetta potatoes had been flirting with me for a week, so that was obvious. But as a side, because I'd just bought a good slice of salmon too. Man-sized, someone said. Rolled in a blend of Cajun spices (one of those ready mixed ones, before you ask me to list the ingredients*) I thought the bite should trim the luxuriousness of the flesh down slightly. I cooked the fish on all sides, first quite hot, then at a lower heat, as the smoke alarm started to threaten. Stop before the fish is completely done - dry salmon is as horrifying as dry tuna.

And the potatoes were good, although a touch more colour would have been nice. Next time. The sage and smokiness of the bacon really works well together. Add a handful of rocket (the first real hand harvested from here.
The resulting plate was a struggle of strong flavours, too strong to serve to others, but just right for me. Cooking without an audience does have some benefits.


Marie said...

Hm hm hm. Too long since I had salmon. Your potatoes looked very good; I tend to turn mine to coal in my quest for crunch.

Lobster salad for lunch today. Cauliflower soup for supper as punishment.

Jeanne said...

Mmmm, haven't made sage potatoes in a while - and will definitely be adding smoky pork next time! Bisarrely, we just had Cajun-spiced salmon last night (the spice mix also ready bought - none other than Nice & Spicy, a Port Elizabeth company!)