Sep 30, 2009

on the move

In Budapest, I ran into a supermarket and with the 400 forints in my pocket, bought lunch. Salami: soft and saturated with paprika. Kifli, crescent-shaped white rolls, a reference to an Ottoman invasion. An apple too. I was on my way to the market, and looking for an ATM, but badly needed something to eat. On a bench outside, with trams rattling past and people moving everywhere, I realised I had left my knife at home. So I delicately bit a sliver off the sausage, followed by a chunk of bread. Chew together, then swallow. Trying to look proper, vaguely. This pattern was to be repeated again and again over the next few days.


Marie said...

Great action shot. Jealous. Sometimes those un-perfect meals are the ones we remember the rest of our lives.