Aug 11, 2009

Strained foul

I love international food stores: the old ladies who can believe they're in a happier version of downtown Kabul, the unknown roots and yams, mythical fruit, large bunches of parsley. And the happy mixture of West-Indian, North African, East African, Turkish, Pakistani, Indonesian and Thai cuisine. The possibilities are endless!

On Saturday, I discovered a new one. I walked past an antique store that specialises in maritime memorabilia, a police notice looking for information on a recent stabbing outside a pub, the same pub (only open to supporters of the local football team), a few Somali's, a couple of Polish families, then right at the international barber, past the internet and mobile phone stores. Just opposite the Afghan meat market.

Apart from the jackfruit, green coconut and 4 variations of bitter gourd, I also found some interesting tins. Especially the strained foul. I think it is bean related, and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, but I decided not to invest. I did buy some of the harissa on the left though - a Moroccan need is growing in me. (I do however need to practice my from-the-hip shooting.)


jason said...

makes me wonder what the unstrained foul must be like, or the diet foul. I usually prefer the just-plain-foul; I like to make foul balls out of it.

Marie said...

At first it thought it was Arcadia writing, and I thought, Jirre, Pretoria's come a long way...Afghan meat market, sounds like Brooklyn!

We have some strained fowl at the Halal meat markets here, waiting for their heads to be chopped off. Shame.

jvdh said...

J - What about felafoul?

M - Don't underestimate Sunnyside! We might not have people from Afganistan, but rumour has it that you can find some vegetables on our sidewalks that you can only find in the Joburg CBD and Central Africa. Still don't know their names though.