Aug 25, 2009

Luikse wafel

Arcadia's post reminded me of this. A grey day in Brugge, just before the world was snowed in in January, walking through the remains of a Christmas market on our last day in Europe*. Also known as the day of relative extravagance where remaining forex is consumed, usually in food form. And it's easy in Belgium: the food just agrees with me. And there is the beer.

I bought Filliers koffie, a jenever-based coffee liqueur served warm with a dollop of whipped cream. Drank at a small plastic table, while scouting for the next meal.

My sister spotted the luikse wafel, she has an eye for these things. With sugar baked into dough, for a brittle shell and steaming inside. (I had whelks.)

Later that night we had the obligatory moules mariniere in a restaurant on the corner of the Grand-Place in Brussels. It felt plastic and touristy, from the Americans next to us, to the waiter who spoke passable English. But we took it as yet another manifestation of the neon Mannekins Pis and beer glasses everywhere, we were cold and we were tired. So we enjoyed the meal, drank our beer and said our goodbyes.

It is time to travel again, time to eat something new.

* The UK isn't Europe, it's just next to it.


arcadia said...

ek wil daai wafel he.

Marie said...

En ek wil koue weer he...

Ek geniet nog steeds die new look. Dis regtig mooi.

Whelks. Yum.

jvdh said...

En die lug was vandag en gister weer grys en winderig, net genoeg om die winterlus (en die goeie goed wat daarmee gepaardgaan) aan te moedig. Whelks is regtig een van my nuwe favourites - daar is net te veel geur in om te kan ignoreer.

Jeanne said...

Daai wafel lyk ongelooflik goed!! Brussels is 'n wonderlike plek om uit te eet - veral die yslike porsies mossels :)