Jul 30, 2009

Sexy Soups

The introductory paragraph to the "Sexy Soups" chapter one in those if-you-eat-this-you-will-be-happy-successful-clever-and-extremely-attractive books.

Today, as sperm counts plummet, women's fertility declines and the number of couples unable to conceive rockets, it seems beyond belief to me that so few couples are ever asked about their diets or given advice on the simple changes that could resolve their problems before resorting to high-tech methods. The same is true for loss of libido and erectile dysfunction: the 'easy answer' is drugs with side effects, but the real long-term solution starts with better nutrition.

Super Duper Soups - Micheal van Straaten

(I do not dismiss the role of nutrition, what you eat and how you prepare it, nor do I look down on soups. But seriously believing you can just soup up EVERYTHING in your life? Sigh...)


Marie said...

Maybe he's thinking about the watermelon jalapeno soup I made the other night :-)

A whole book about soup sounds a bit depressing.

jvdh said...

Watermelon jalapeno? That sounds ... hmmm... worth writing about?