May 18, 2009

Toasted cheese

I've been eating far too many of these lately. But I like it. And it always lifts the mood.

(dedicated to all felines who feel poorly, and those nursing them back to health)


Marie said...

Ag shame man. And thank you. I thought I was seeing double :-)

I assocoate toasted cheese with Sundays. Sometimes that would be supper for the whole family, served on abig platter, with tomato, like yours, and Mrs Ball's chutney.

jvdh said...

The Mrs Ball's variant was one of my standard lunches when I was at school, but tomatoes, thyme, green pepper, onion and whatever else the garden might provide, all made regular appearances, either individually or on their own. Chutney with fresh onion remains a favourite. Lemon juice with a sprinkle of salt and pepper too.