May 4, 2009

More bread

I was invited to have lunch with friends. The weather promised a barbecue, but at the last minute the cooking was moved inside. We could still eat outside though, at a wooden table on a green lawn, with patches of sunshine and a pale blue wisteria in her spring glory beside us. Sausages, bread and a potato salad packed with herbs, followed by divine chocolate truffles and cake. And an elegant Australian Shiraz. The cat of course complained at the noisy people invading his garden, but there was little it could do about it.

I baked Die Brood, as it has become known amongst it's disciples. It has the most beautiful rough crumb, it is holey (and holy), with a chewy crust and loads of flavour. The recipe is here. Bake it. Amaze your friends, trade it for cases of wine, prevent pandemics and maybe fix the world economy. Bake it. You really, really should. You will be a better person for doing it.

And when you remove it from the oven, take a minute to listen to the crust crackling and breaking as it cools.

Yes, this was handmade by mere mortals, without fancy equipment. You can too.

(If I seem bread-obsessed, just accept it. I have made my peace with it.)


Marie said...

You know, I never realized that Die Brood's origin was the Sullivan Street Bakery. Which makes my favourite New York baguette. You can recognize it at a glance. If the glance fails, at a squeeze.

Dit lyk baie mooi!

arcadia said...
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arcadia said...

Ek dink regtig hierdie brood het my hele manier van brood bak vir goed verander.

jvdh said...

If the baguette is remotely like this bread, I will love it too..

Dit het my hele benadering tot brood ook baie verander. Dankie.