Apr 17, 2009


I believe, that if you are one of two coffee shops/restaurants serving the international departures hall at O.R. Tambo, it is your responsibility to serve something decent. Because it is a space of last-minute business meetings, emotional departures and frustrated waiting. The food should support, comfort, uplift and provide something to protect you from the tasteless atrocities that will be inflicted on you at 30 000 feet.

I further believe the no matter how stylish you believe your crocodile pleather furniture may be, or however much you might like your ugly orange chairs, or how very very snazzy the black hats your staff are wearing are, bad food remains inexcusable.

The coffee was good, perfectly prepared by a grand machine with an Italian sounding name. But then I over-optimistically ordered a sandwich too. A steak sandwich, thinking that I won't be seeing much local beef during the next few months. It was thoroughly disappointing: over-cooked (which I was at least expecting), beige, of uniform texture and utterly without flavour. The accompanying chips were of a similar quality - indistinguishable from the sandwich by taste alone.

I had to use tomato sauce to improve it. The horror! The horror!


Marie said...

Ag shame, man. The only thing worse than aeroplane food is airport food. I had a beer at Cape Town International a while ago, and somehow even the beer inside the bottle tasted funny.

But I'm glad someone is Voer-ing again...

Fly well.

jvdh said...

Wel, die goeie nuus is dat daar 'n hele vakansie se vergrypinge is om nou te deel.