Apr 23, 2009


In what is rapidly becoming the best tradition ever, I again ended my stay in SA with a breakfast of tiny flapjacks, sour cream and caviar.

Instead of the real stuff we used Arënkha, somewhat uninspiring described as "transformed herring product". It is made from smoked herring, squid ink, lemon juice and spices, but it is delicious, with good texture and no bleeding colour.

Combined with a glass of Villiera Cap Classique, it becomes absurdly luxurious. And pretty.


Marie said...

Rats. I think you've just messed with my dinner plans. It was going to be salad nicoise, but now maybe it will be salmon roe and blinis form Russ and Daughter. No. I can be strong. Maybe.

jvdh said...

Being strong is over-rated.