Apr 29, 2009

Bread from real bakeries

Real bakeries are special places, where bread is made in small batches by real people's hands and baked on site. You can tell when bread is made by hand. For a start, it will look different from other bread in other shops, because every baker has his own, recognisable style. Shop at one regularly and you may spot changes in the bread from one morning to the next. You may even be able to tell if the baker was in a bad mood, so sensitive is real bread to the hands that make it. Some real bakeries sell their bread to local stores, which is excellent - the more places selling real bread, the better. Real bakeries are a rarity, though. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, then you would be mad not to use it. The bread will cost more... so it should.

Bread - The River Cottage Handbook 3, by Daniel Stevens

Sunday's soda bread


Marie said...

Hm hm hm...you're in a baking mood :-) It looks beautiful.

Maybe I'll make potbrood this weekend. But it's shame not to share it. I'm all about an audience.

jvdh said...

It is a week for baking. Dalk moet ons die blog se naam Die Brood Blog maak?

I know what you mean about sharing - this here is my performance.